9th Inning Media Group, founded by young talented individuals who have faced similar struggles and obstacles fighting to overcome the challenges of the American system. Our effort is to unify independent business owners in entertainment through literature, music, movies and sports. Urban culture has and continues to be a powerful contributing factor to growth and development in the pop world, in many cases the very essence of creativity is born from small independent businesses which may never shine as bright. In our effort to build our community we offer distribution to over 178 online distributors worldwide. Entertainment has always been the forefront to building unity, and what better way to build unity then sharing the opportunity to display your art as you would like it to be seen, also allowing you to retain ownership to better build your brand. Our marketing team is dedicated to finding your fans, selling your idea and establishing your brand for your target audience. Come be apart of what’s next in the new world of the independent music business.

We make it make sense, so you can make dollars.

9th Inning believes all artists, from emerging to established, should have affordable and equal access to all channels of music distribution. 9th Inning partnership with Sony Music Distribution, allows you to keep track of your sales revenue without giving up any of your master recording ownership, copyrights, and merchandise rights. 9th Inning Publishing Administration licenses and registers your compositions globally and helps you collect the royalties that you’ve earned.

At 9th Inning we like to keep things transparent. We are all about getting your music heard and bought so you can get paid; we want you to make a living doing what you love.