Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, arduously trying on different musical styles like a piece of clothing, looking to find what fits. But there are others that emerge fully formed, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. Nino formally known as Bertell fits firmly in the latter category.

His debut album “Who Is Nino”, is a captivating and moving project that heralds the arrival of a gifted and significant new talent, one whose music feels familiar in the best possible way, while striking out on his own territory.

Born in the small town of Melville, Louisiana with a population of 1,045 people and raised in Houston, Texas. NINO is a far cry from the typical small town guy.

NINO knows how to create harmony out of instability. NINO says “As a child we moved around quite a bit, I knew that my physical life was unstable sometimes. That’s when I started looking within, I created harmony within. I started writing songs in my head, and it took my interest in music to another level. I had to teach myself to play the piano so I could cut music to the ideas I heard in my head.”

It was not until much later in college that NINO, decided to share what he’d found within himself, with others. “I was a known athlete, so I already felt comfortable in front of my peers. There was a piano in the cafeteria, so one day I sat down and sang a song to entertain everyone.” NINO saw their genuinely excited reaction. “A few of my team mates came up to me and said that if I didn’t make it as a professional basketball player, I should peruse music.” NINO explains, “From then on things started to occur that drifted me down that path.” By the spring of 2008,Grammy award winning producer and Hall of famed producer Bryan-Michael Cox, assisted NINO in relocating to Atlanta, Georgia while working on various projects with artists such as Mary J. Blige, Usher, Jagged Edge, Monica and Joe to name a few. During this time NINO elevated his knowledge of how the music business operated.

One year later, NINO formally known as Bertell signed his first deal with Capitol Records. By 2010, NINO formally known as Bertell had already made it to number 36 on the urban Billboard charts with his single “Beat it up” featuring Twista. That year he also collaborated with his label mate Bobby V. writing the song “Are you the right one” on Bobby V’s album “Fly on the wall.” produced by Cox. Since then, NINO has moved on from Cox and Capitol Records to become an independent artist. In 2011, he wrote the song “Headboard” featuring Bow wow, T-Pain and Bobby V. In the process of going independent, NINO recognized the climate of the music industry and began on a mission to reinventing himself.

After completing a total body transformation by losing 60 pounds and feeling renewed, NINO released the song “Selfish love” as Bertell along with his single “She get it from her mama” which also features T-pain with a remix out that features Yung Joc .”She get if from her mama” has accumulated 2 million hits (and counting) on Vevo and reached the billboard charts at number 68. An expression of humility on NINO’s face when he says, “If I never achieve my vision of excellence, the one thing I will always have is my amazing journey and the amazing people I met along the way. “Who Is Nino” will be the first independent album release for “Nino” through “9th Inning” with lead singles “She Love Me” ft Yung Joc and “Dope Chick” ft Ami The Truth in 2015.

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