9th Inning has partnered with Sony Distrubution to keep things transparent. Our team is all about getting your music heard and bought so you can get paid; we want you to make a living doing what you love.

9th Inning media group can put your music on the most popular music stores so your fans can listen to you all over the world. They get to hear your songs on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc

iTunes, Spotify & 178+ digital music partners

Our Team believes all artists, from emerging to established, should have affordable and equal access to all channels of music distribution. 9th Inning media group, allows you to keep track of your sales revenue without giving up any of your master recording ownership, copyrights, and merchandise rights. 9th Inning Music Publishing Administration licenses and registers your compositions globally and helps you collect the royalties that you’ve earned.

Share Music Worldwide & Keep Creative Control

As a 9th Inning artist, you maintain complete creative control. You decide when you’ll release new music, what your fans will hear and how you’ll market it. 9th Inning and your fellow 9th Inning artists gives you tips that help your creative process, grow your fan base and get your music out there.